Could labels improve your business?

Recently, I was asked by one of my customers to implement a new label printer, and the result was so successful that I thought I would write about it in case any other customers could benefit from similar labels.

Zebra GX430tThe printer happens to be a Zebra GX430t. 10cm x 4cm (4″ x 1.5″) labels were used.

The company uses BVEssentials for sales, purchases and production (using the Production Manager add-on).

Labels are now being printed for 4 purposes:

  • Component labels for raw materials used in production; label includes quantity required based on the quantity of finished goods being produced and the Bill of Material requirement
  • Production receipts – labels include the production order number, date produced, quantity and pack size
  • Inventory receipts – when goods are received from a vendor, they are being labelled with the item, description, vendor code, date, quantity, PO # and pack size

Sales label

  • Items on sales orders – when goods are shipped, they are being labelled with the company logo, customer, customer PO#, invoice #, item, description and quantity

The customer did not require bar codes, but they could have been added easily.

The company had been using the page style labels for sales, and was manually writing the inventory related ones. The new labels are significantly easier to produce and have been customized to highlight the critical information such as quantity, reducing the possibility of errors.

The company uses a combination of the functionality available in BVEssentials, including the very efficient label module. The same functionality is available in Spire. Any company using only BusinessVision at this point could add the inventory and PO label functionality using BVEssentials Limited Edition, which is still offered for free for one user for one year (and very little for additional users or to renew in subsequent years).

If you would like to explore producing labels to make your operation more efficient, please contact me at


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