BVEssentials Features

The following features most distinguish BVEssentials (and Spire) from BusinessVision.  There are a series of videos which explain these features on the BVEssentials web-site at as well as on the BVEssentials and Spire You-Tube channels.

Navigation: The first basic difference is that you see all your data in one screen, such as sales orders, inventory and customers. Columns can be arranged and sorted in every screen so the information important to you is front and centre. There is superior search capability throughout as well. See the video here.

Custom Filters: Data can be filtered for specific criteria, such as orders that were entered today, or customers with accounts receivable balances over 90 days. The filters can be saved in the menu and are used to quickly access key data. This You-Tube video demonstrates Spire which is virtually the same as BVEssentials.

Module Access: Sales orders and purchase orders can be edited directly when viewing them from inventory, customer and vendor screens as well as from history.

Email: All documents can be automatically sent via email to any contact in the customer or vendor file – not just the main one – AND standard templates are available to create informative emails. See this video on emailing customer statements as an example.

Requisitions: There is a requisition module that summarizes and automates purchases directly from sales orders, from the inventory list, or from production orders. A 7 minute video demonstrates this module.

Communications: Communications (or notes) can be used to alert users about issues related to inventory, customers and vendors when sales orders and purchase orders are created. They can also be used as reminders to complete specific tasks. This 1 minute video shows how a message to sell a related product comes up when an inventory item is added to a sales order.

Credit Checking: There is a comprehensive and flexible credit checking system to ensure orders are only shipped to customers with approved credit

Part Number and Customer Number Changes: Inventory part numbers can be changed so inventory naming issues can be resolved; similarly, customer codes can be changed to keep up when customers change their names, demonstrated here.

Production Manager: With this add-on module, manufacturers can create production orders which allow them to commit raw materials, schedule production, and customize bills of material.(There are 12 videos to explain the features of this module)

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