Spire 2.0 is Released!

Great news on the Spire front – version 2.0 has now been released! Spire 1.0 was released in February of 2015 and is already being successfully used by hundreds of companies across Canada and even some in the US. Spire provides a virtually seamless upgrade for users of BusinessVision and BVEssentials, adding a superior user-interface and faster database that improves productivity, helps meet customer demand and drives increased profitability.

User Defined Fields

The new version has ‘User Defined Fields’ which corresponds to ‘Workbook’ fields in BusinessVision. This allows you to add custom fields anywhere in Spire, such as in order entry, inventory and vendors, and then utilize those fields in forms and custom reports. Examples include:

  • Order entry fields that designate a consulting engineer, sales people involved in a sale, or whether the order is for product with a specific certification
  • Inventory fields that indicate size dimensions, the manufacturer of the item, or a royalty percentage
  • In vendor, specific delivery information for shipping

If you were using Workbook fields in BusinessVision, the information is imported automatically upon conversion.

User Defined Fields is an add-on license; new and existing customers can use it for a trial period to test it out using their own data.

Upcoming Switching to Spire Seminar

There is an upcoming seminar led by Al Romeyn, the co-founder of Spire, which will take you through:

  • a Spire 2.0 demo
  • BusinessVision data conversion
  • Spire migration plan

The seminar will take place at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga on Tuesday, May 17th from 9am to 12pm.  Please register at:


Next Spire Webinars

If you cannot make the live demo, you might like to catch one of the on-line webinars, which are held periodically. The next webinars are scheduled for Thursday, April 14 at 4pm and Thursday, May 12th at 4 pm. (Toronto time). Please register at:


Upcoming versions

Still to come from Spire is ‘Service Orders’, due out shortly, which is used by customers who need to record transactions against specific assets, such as vehicles in an auto shop. Also on the near horizon is ‘Job Costing’ for those customers who record information against specific projects.

More Spire Information

Please visit Spire’s web-site at http://www.spiresystems.com/ for further information. Note there is a video manual is available to provide a quick introduction to Spire at http://www.spiresystems.com/videos/

If you have any questions or comments on any of the above, or to schedule a private Spire demo, please do not hesitate to contact me at rita.bloem@rogers.com.


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