Spire Update – Version 3.3 + Webinar – November 26, 2019

At the recent annual Spire Partner Conference in September 2019, management announced that in 2020 there will be cloud and mobile applications built right into Spire. That means that users will be able to easily process sales orders, purchase orders or update inventory and customer information from their tablet or smart phone. In order to enable these functions, Spire continues to change the underlying technology and update the interface.

in the mean time, Spire 3.3 was released recently. Some of the new added features of note:

  • The addition of security certificates has made it possible to more easily connect Spire data to Excel. You create the spreadsheet and link the Spire database; when you open the spreadsheet it automatically pulls the information in.
  • Improved Spire Server Administration which allows users to better administer backups, custom reports and user access
  • Improvements to the Spire Calendar that allows users to see other user’s entries, useful for items such as when large PO’s are expected or large orders must be shipped
  • The Requisition module allows users to create PO’s specific to items on a Sales Order; users can now open the related PO from the Sales Order screen and the Sales Order from the PO screen
  • Freight can be added to inventory transfers
  • Inventory movement tab was added so that unexpected inventory balances can be easily investigated between sales, purchases and builds of that item 

A webinar covering version 3.3 changes is coming up tomorrow, Tuesday, November 26th at 1 pm. Please register here if interested.

All changes are also detailed in the on-line user manual, complete with videos and documentation.

Many companies are still migrating from BusinessVision, since there is a 100% data conversion and a stunning list of improvements, all detailed on my updated web-page “The Spire Difference.”

There are over 700 companies already successfully using Spire to make their operations more efficient and profitable across a broad range of industries and all across Canada.

There will be many more Spire users by the end of 2020 since outdated versions of BusinessVision do not permit any entries in 2021.

You can download a free 30 day trial here. You might just prefer to sit back and watch the video – click here for that option. The video library includes a host of videos that detail the switch from BusinessVision as well as module specific videos.

As always, please feel free to contact me at rita.bloem@rogers.com if you have any questions or would like to discuss your switch to Spire.

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