Spire is released!

In early February 2015, Spire was released to a limited group of customers (almost on schedule!) in several provinces and the results are excellent! Customers are now able to enjoy the great user interface of BVEssentials with a much faster database.

This first version of Spire is almost identical to BVEssentials version 6 which was first released in 2012. BVEssentials works with BusinessVision but adds significant functionality to existing modules as well as adding many new ones; Spire is the same program as BVEssentials but uses a new and improved SQL database. My favourite features are listed in the article on this website entitled ‘BVEssentials Features’.

Spire will be released to a larger group of customers in the next several months so I will update when the next milestones are reached. Stand by! Feel free to subscribe to this blog by clicking on the follow button on the left side of the page to receive the updates automatically.

For more information about Spire, please see their web-site at www.spiresystems.com.

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