New Business Name – InSpired Consulting Services

Along with the gradual demise of BusinessVision comes the rise of BVEssentials and Spire. BVEssentials works with BusinessVision but adds significant functionality to existing modules as well as adding many new ones; Spire is the same program as BVEssentials but works with a new and improved SQL database.

20 years ago when I started independent consulting, I chose the very boring but practical name RJB Consulting Services (the middle initial being Johanna, btw). Now that the first version of Spire is being released, I have been ‘inspired’ to change the name to ‘InSpired Consulting Services’. Although it may seem a little risky to name my business based on specific software, I am very confident that Spire is great accounting software, perfectly suited and priced to meet the needs of the small and medium sized businesses for which it is designed.

For more information about Spire, please visit their web-site at  The chart below does a high level comparison of Spire to BusinessVision and Sage 300 Online (the solution proposed by Sage which is not recommended for any BV customers). Of note is how easy the transition is from BusinessVision to BVEssentials to Spire, or from BusinessVision directly to Spire.

Feel free to contact me to discuss the best time to transition your company to BVEssentials or Spire. Note that BusinessVision will continue to work for years to come, and I will continue to support it until the bitter end. The latest versions (BV2014 and BV2015) are compatible with Windows 8; it will remain to be seen if it will be compatible with Windows 10 (note that Microsoft is skipping Windows 9).

BV Spire 300 comparison

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